1st Grade Language Arts


180 daily lessons for first graders who are learning their basic Language Arts skills. Topics covered include alphabet and letter sounds, spelling patterns and sight words, making predictions, beginning writing stories with a beginning/middle/end, and introduction to setting, character, and events. Click here to preview all 1st-grade subjects. The Preview includes the Table of Contents for all 4 subjects as well as a few sample lessons and pages.


All Aboard! for First Grade Language Arts builds upon the basics and fundamentals of Language Arts introduced in Kindergarten. Continuing with a structured, balanced approach, these Lessons are committed to developing the student’s reading, handwriting, creative writing, spelling, vocabulary, and communication skills. Consistent with Complete Curriculum’s All Aboard! for Language Arts series, each core Language Arts element in these Lessons is presented, practiced, applied, reviewed and formally Assessed.

Also includes 72 Progressive Readers that were created for this text and are read in at least two Lessons. They serve as the theme and context of the Lessons in which they are placed. In addition to the serving as the basis for developing reading skills, the Progressive Readers are also the primary source of a Lesson’s Sight Words, Spelling words, writing prompts, and discussions. Standards-alignment documentation included. There are 180 Lessons in this text.


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