3rd Grade Math


180 daily lessons for third graders continuing their math skills. Topics include: place value to the thousands place, adding and subtracting multi-digit numbers, rounding, reading graphs, and basic multiplication. Click here to preview all 3rd-grade subjects. The Preview includes the Table of Contents for all 4 subjects as well as a few sample lessons and pages.

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Voyages in Third Grade Math Launches this Math starts with a thorough review of the core K-2 Math concepts, offering a natural entry point for the beginning third grade Math student. Consistent in sequencing, and creative in presentation, each Lesson in this text is designed to engage the student in the material through actual everyday examples and prompts. The Lesson format ensures comprehensive coverage of daily material, but also accommodates the need and or desire to condense, supplement, or combine Lessons and Lesson content, as the class or the individual student may require. 180 lessons are provided.


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