6th Grade Language Arts


180 daily lessons for sixth graders practicing their essential language arts skills. Topics include: taking notes while reading nonfiction text, using figurative language, comparing and contrasting text, writing essays, reviewing grammar, and reading a variety of genres. Preview all 6th-grade subjects here. The Preview includes the Table of Contents for all 4 subjects as well as a few sample lessons and pages.


In Flight with Sixth Grade Language Arts: This text introduces Sixth grade students to the essentials of Language Arts—literature, grammar, language, creative and expository writing—and their applications for developing more sophisticated reading, writing, and communications skills that are useful in all aspects of the student’s life. Dedicated to sustaining the student’s interest in learning, this text allows the student to express his or her opinions daily. This will be accomplished when you begin each Lesson by asking the student the Engaging Question(s) and allowing time for the student to provide a written response, in four or five complete sentences. In many Lessons, more than one Engaging Question has provided as a means of giving the student a better opportunity to connect to the question, which often stimulates a more thoughtful response.


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