6th Grade Math


180 daily lessons for sixth graders practicing their essential math skills. Topics include a review of adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing multi-digit numbers, fractions, and decimals, algebraic expressions, prime factorization, inequalities, plane and solid figures, measuring using the metric and customary units, geometry formulas, and rations and percents. Preview all 6th-grade subjects here. The Preview includes the Table of Contents for all 4 subjects as well as a few sample lessons and pages.

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In Flight with Sixth Grade Math: Consistent in its sequencing and presentation, the new or review material in each Lesson is introduced, explained, clarified, then illustrated through examples provided. Practice problems are then assigned for the student to complete independently. After reviewing the problems and answers with the student, a Worksheet or Lesson Wrap-Up activity is assigned. This format ensures comprehensive coverage of daily material, but also accommodates the need and or desire to condense, supplement, or combine Lessons and Lesson content. In Flight with Sixth Grade Math is dedicated to supporting each Lesson’s Objective by capturing the student’s immediate interest in the topic or concept. This can be accomplished by asking and allowing time for discussion of the student’s answer to the thematically tied Engaging Questions. Designed to be each Lesson’s opener, the Engaging Question can increase the student’s understanding and acquisition of the skill or principle being introduced or expanded. The following features of this text will assist students in acquiring, developing and building upon their 6th Grade Math skills and aptitude: Geometry Lessons are presented in a manner that encourages the student to first visualize, imagine, and think about the relationship between Geometry and other subjects and applications, such as Art and Industry, thereby helping the student bridge the gap between Math and other skill sets and fields of study. Writing and sketching assignments, to be completed in the student’s Math Journal, offer an alternative, appealing way for the student to develop and demonstrate his or her understanding of the mathematical principles and concepts.

Many Lessons encourage the student to learn or create word associations and pneumonic devices for retaining the meanings of new terms presented through the course. Material and concepts are introduced and reinforced by showing their purpose and relevance to the sixth grader’s perspective and familiar aspects of their daily life.


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