7th Grade Language Arts


180 daily lessons for seventh graders practicing their essential language arts skills. Topics include: introduction to Cornell notes, vocabulary and word work through various pieces of writing, descriptive writing practice, elements of mystery pieces, creating a variety of presentations, reading a variety of genres, and character analysis. Preview all 7th-grade subjects here. The Preview includes the Table of Contents for all 4 subjects as well as a few sample lessons and pages.


In Flight with Seventh Grade Language Arts: In Flight! With Seventh Grade Language Arts introduces and reinforces the core Language Arts skills – grammar, vocabulary, reading and writing – in a rigorous format that is challenging for the student. In a step-by-step process which develops the mandatory Language Arts skills the Seventh grade student must acquire, each Lesson presents, practices, applies, and reviews each concept before formally assessing the student’s understanding and retention. Download the sample to view the lessons and table of contents. There are 180 Lessons within this text.


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