7th Grade Math


180 daily lessons for seventh graders practicing their essential math skills. Topics include reading and creating a variety of styles of graphs, absolute value, positive and negative numbers, understanding integers, solving equations, slope, x and y-intercepts, rations, rates, and proportions, and a variety of word problems. Preview all 7th-grade subjects here. The Preview includes the Table of Contents for all 4 subjects as well as a few sample lessons and pages.

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In Flight with Seventh Grade Math: The In Flight with Seventh Grade Math program offers a diverse approach for learning and affirming the material presented. The student is questioned and quizzed through exercise and Assessments, while also creatively challenged through writing and project assignments, on the practical nature of the mathematical principles. Consistent with all Complete Curriculum texts, In Flight with Seventh Grade Math is dedicated to capturing the student’s immediate interest in each Lesson’s topic and focus by providing a thematically tied Engaging Question. Designed to be each Lesson’s opener, the Engaging Question will help the student be more receptive to acquiring the skill or principle being introduced or expanded.


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