8th Grade Language Arts


180 daily lessons for eighth-graders practicing their essential language arts skills. Topics include reading and writing a variety of genres, practicing vocabulary skills, practicing comprehension skills, identifying literary elements, writing a personal narrative, reading The Call of the Wild, and reviewing grammar. Preview all 8th-grade subjects here. The Preview includes the Table of Contents for all 4 subjects as well as a few sample lessons and pages.


In Flight with Eighth Grade Language Arts: In Flight with Eighth Grade Language Arts is designed to capture the student’s immediate interest in Language Arts elements such as Vocabulary, Reading, Writing and conventions – by beginning each Lesson with a topically relevant Engaging Question. When utilized as the opening segment of each Lesson, the Engaging Question will help the student make a personal connection to the material being presented. This text includes classic literary works that naturally appeal to the 8th grade student. These classic literary selections help frame the student’s ability to grasp the meaning, purpose and value of studying Language Arts essentials. The original phrasing and formatting in each literary work has been retained, although occasionally alternate words have been inserted in [brackets] when appropriate. The Lessons devoted to studying literature are enhanced with a variety of creative assignments designed to develop the student’s analytical and critical thinking skills. There are 180 Lessons within this text. Includes standards-alignment documentation.


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