Remote Learning A-Z: A is for Assessment

All Kinds of Exit Tickets

Formative assessment is one of the most important things a teacher can utilize to collect real time learning data from students. Daily Exit Tickets: quick questions, problems, or reflections collected from students at the end of class or lesson provide a fast and easy window into student thinking. They help teachers decide who need extra support, who’s “got it,” and what to reteach in tomorrow’s lesson.

In the virtual world, formative assessment is yet another challenge for remote learners and educators. The things we used to learn by simply observing a student at work or collecting an index card isn’t so easy to do now.

Here is one more resource that can help! It’s a set of ten Tickets Out the Door (or Exit Tickets) that replace the paper we used to collect from kids at the end of a class or a lesson. There is a PDF of the paper ones for your reference, and for when you return to the traditional classroom environment. All these tickets are in Google Forms! Share the link with your students and (a bonus that couldn’t happen with paper tickets) you will have all their responses in a spreadsheet or summary to quickly figure out who got it and who didn’t.

We hope this makes your life a little easier!

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