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Remote Learning A-Z: G is for Games

Remote Learning A-Z: G is for Games

When I was in the classroom, my favorite way to teach math was through games. This is a lot harder to do in the virtual world, especially when a lot of online games are glorified versions of flashcards and don’t require a lot of strategy or critical thinking!

Remote Learning A-Z: D is for Docs

Remote Learning A-Z: D is for Docs

With so many teachers using Google Classroom to deliver and receive assignments, we asked teacher extraordinaire Samantha Groess to create some how-to help on adding a Google Document assignment in Google Classroom.

Below is a step-by-step video tutorial, and a handy help doc to go with it. Enjoy!

Remote Learning A-Z: C is for Choose Your Own Adventure!

Remote Learning A-Z: C is for Choose Your Own Adventure!

Remember those books?  Or, did you see the Black Mirror episode? For a while now, Google Forms has had a feature that allows you to jump to a certain section based on student responses.  This is helpful for so many reasons, like being able to customize the answers you need in an assessment or only asking questions on a survey depending on the response. Think of it like a virtual flow chart.

With students in the driver’s seat, this feature can be used by kids to create Choose Your Own Adventure stories. We love this activity because there is a LOT of learning and critical thinking that goes on behind the scenes when you have students storyboard their path and then go through a revision process as they test their stories on each other. It’s the writing process in action!

Let me take you on a little tour of a sample story:

Everyone starts on the same part of the story, but you need to make a choice at the end. What would you choose?

Did you drink the bubble tea? Here’s where you go next!

Or, are you more of a rule follower? This is where you go instead.

I don’t want to ruin the surprise for you, but you can take a look at the sample and see where you end up.

Ready to try your own? Here’s our handy help doc to walk you through. We hope you and your students have a lot of fun making these interactive stories!

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